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Visual 2Project Management

Maybe you are planning for a new website and don't have the time to obtain cost estimates, research photo and text material and think about menu structures?
Or maybe you would like to specialize your company in a certain direction and don't know where to start or who to ask for help?
This is where we can offer real assistance: we create concepts and timelines, research suitable partner companies and see that everything is completed on time and on budget.

Visual 2Website and Portal Management

It is difficult enough to keep track of all portals where your company is present. It is even more difficult to ensure that all images and offers shown are up to date.
Using the CMS system, Ellis Kasslatter and Simon Kostner have the technical know-how to keep your website up to date (with images and offers from tourist offices) and will also ensure that other portals like, Tripadvisor, Trivago and others have the latest information available (except for pricing and availability details).
With more information displayed on portals, your company's visibility and your chances of receiving bookings will increase.

Visual 2Packages and offers

Many of today's media will simply ignore companies that fail to offer creative packages. However, compiling good and creative offers, with timely publication and the right content at the right moment, takes a lot of time and requires creativity. Packages can serve as a magnet to attract customers: they may not always result in bookings, but they will draw customers' attention to your company and will be used as a peg by other portals and media. Packages and offers are also popular topics on social media platforms.
Ellis Kasslatter has over 10 years' experience in the fields of tourism and event management including extensive work on preparing offers and packages; with her know-how she is ideally placed to compile attractive packages and present them to best effect.
These packages will of course be “customized” to your company, integrated into your website using the CMS system and also published on all other portals.
In addition, detailed information on each package will be communicated to all staff.

Visual 2Social media communication

Following a brief analysis, we identify your “ideal customer” and compile a communication plan for Facebook and Instagram. The communication plan covers various areas of interest around your company, your environment and your product. These may also include events and interesting or curious facts concerning your surroundings or your product which are researched and included in the communication.
We will also manage your social media advertising budget and schedule posts in line with general or seasonal requirements.

Visual 2Organization and coordination of images and videos

In today's world, topical images and videos are indispensable in all types of communication, whether via social media channels, in catalogues or on your own website.
However, it is easy to lose control over missing photo material and which images are still “usable” and which are dated.
Another important task is to keep the archives up to date and to schedule photo and video shootings accordingly. This involves finding the right photographer/video operator, getting cost estimates, organizing models, briefing the photographer/operator and then finding the time to prepare the ground for them so that no time is wasted unnecessarily and as much material as possible is produced.
We will look after all these things and ensure that your image library and video archive remain as complete and up to date as possible.

Visual 2Service networking

Through our extensive contacts we have built up a large network of suppliers for a variety of services. This includes photographers and video producers, but also companies to collect GPS data and to draw up maps, or maybe you are looking for a press agency or someone to produce promotional material: we are happy to point you in the right direction and can guarantee that we will pass on all prices of our contacts without charging any markup.

Visual 2We rely on professional partners with a lot of know-how and experience