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Content defines quality. The results of a company's presence on third-party platforms as well as on its website heavily depend on content and continuous updating.
However, companies often do not have a person or the time to deal with creating and updating content. This results in costs for maintaining a presence on portals that do not bring in results due to the lack of updated content.

Service Steps
Analyze the current content
Create offers and packages
Publish content on the various pages
Erase outdated content

Have you ever considered how much money you spend on various platforms that still contain data, photos and information from five years ago? Do you have attractive offers that you could put online and showcase on these portals? Have you ever analyzed how many inquiries you receive from individual portals? Is it due to the lack of content or the quality of the portal itself? What about your own website? Is it in need of a revamp? Do you know how it should look like, and do you have the time to take care of the texts and photos? Or is it rather new, but still has old prices, no offer packages nor offers and could use some new photos?
We take care of reviewing, analyzing and updating your content. It is a simple, independent and fast process!

Is “Website and portal management” the right service for you?
The website and portal management service is ideally suited for small and medium-sized enterprises, family businesses, companies operating in the hospitality industry and/or e-commerce.
If you want to be always "up to date" and want to make the investment in your online presence a success, this service is for you. We take care of reviewing, analyzing and updating your content. It is a simple, independent and fast process!

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